Motorway care needed for Auckland bike event


The NZ Transport Agency says there will be significant changes to driving on the Auckland Harbour Bridge and some other sections of the city’s motorway network early this Sunday morning (10 November) for the “Bike the Bridge” event.

The two lanes on the southbound (city) box girder (clip-on) on the bridge, together with the Shelly Beach Road off-ramp, will be closed from 12.30am until 9.45am.  However, six traffic lanes on the bridge – three in each direction – will remain open.

Access will also be restricted for drivers at the Constellation Drive interchange on the Northern Motorway (State Highway 1) and along a short section of the Upper Harbour Highway (SH18) from Constellation Drive to Paul Mathews Road from 3.30am to 8am.   

 “Even though the bike event is timed for early Sunday morning when traffic volumes are light,  the temporary changes mean that people will have to drive safely and with a lot of care and attention – they will be sharing parts of Auckland’s network with hundreds of cyclists,“ says the Transport Agency’s National Journeys Manager, Kathryn Musgrave. 

“We have worked with “Bike the Bridge” organisers to ensure that there is as little disruption to drivers as possible, however people should be patient and allow a little more time for their journeys.”

There will also be some disruption to local  roads at Curran Street, under the harbour bridge, and along the Dairy Flat Highway between Oteha Valley Road and the Avenue.  The Northern Busway will also be closed and alternative bus services will be operate on local roads. Details are available here(external link).