Motorway travel times returning to normal after truck crash disruption on Auckland Harbour Bridge


The NZ Transport Agency advises that travel times on the Northern Motorway to the city are returning to normal after a truck crash earlier this morning closed most south-bound lanes across the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

All lanes reopened at 7:20am but there is a 70 kph speed limit in the two left lanes south-bound because of diesel residue on the road. Motorists are advised to drive with care and keep to the speed limit.

There is more congestion than usual on SH16 and 18 as motorists use the Western Ring Route as an alternative route to the city and further south. There is congestion on arterial roads to the motorways.

“We thank motorists for acting on our earlier advice to use the Western Ring Route, but we’re now advising that it’s ok to use the Northern Motorway as usual,” says Auckland Transport Operations Centre Group Manager, Rua Pani.

“We also advise motorists to delay non-essential travel on these routes until after the morning peak. Commuters are advised to use Northern Express buses as an alternative to get into the city. “ 

A truck crash and fire at the base of the Auckland Harbour Bridge shortly before 5am this morning blocked most south-bound lanes and caused significant tailbacks.

“The Transport Agency thanks motorists delayed by this morning’s disruption for their patience and understanding as the motorway network returns to normal.”

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