National motorcycle festival to keep riders shiny side up


Thousands of motorcyclists are set to gather for Shiny Side Up events across the country over the next four weeks.

Now the biggest BikeFest in New Zealand, the line-up includes riding skills demonstrations, mechanics workshops, and appearances from world-leading motorcycle safety experts -Brittany Morrow (Road Rash Queen, USA), Dr Chris Hurren (gear safety expert, Australia), Dave Moss (suspension guru, USA), Kevin Williams (Survival Skills, UK) and New Zealand’s top freestyle motocross rider, Levi Sherwood.

'It’s a must for all motorcyclists. A great chance to meet fellow riders, see the latest technologies and protective gear and improve their riding skills,' the Transport Agency’s Safety and Environment Director Harry Wilson says. 'There are 120,000 active motorcyclists in New Zealand – that’s three per cent of all road users, yet motorcyclists account for 16 per cent of deaths and ten per cent of injuries on our roads,' Mr Wilson says.

ACC’s Motorcycle Programme Manager, Dave Keilty believes that anyone who attends Shiny Side Up will leave with a new appreciation for their biking skills. Riders can get a taster of Ride Forever coaching, a training programme developed by ACC. Over the last five years ACC has managed an average of over 7,000 claims per year. 'Many crashes involving motorcycles are preventable. With better technical riding skills and preventative strategies for common road issues, riders can actively manage the safety aspects of their riding,' Mr Keilty says.

Motorcyclists who have completed a Ride Forever course are 27 per cent less likely to have an injury and an ACC claim, compared to motorcyclists who haven’t completed a course. 'Shiny Side Up offers a great opportunity to reach thousands of bikers directly and highlight the benefit of better riding skills. We encourage everyone to come along with their bike, to have some fun and learn valuable new skills,' Mr Keilty says.

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Editor’s note:
Shiny Side Up, a joint initiative between ACC and the NZ Transport Agency is a series of events run nationally that focusses on rider safety. First held in Kapiti in 2016, Shiny Side Up has four full-day bike events and a talk series run over seven nights. 

Interview opportunities:
Brittany Morrow (Road Rash Queen, USA) who can talk about how training and gear played a part in her two motorcycle crashes (one as a pillion many years ago and on the race track last year).
Kevin Williams (Survival Skills, UK), who can talk about ‘the science of being seen’ – how a motorcyclist can improve their chances of being seen by other road users.
Dr Chris Hurren (Deakin University, Australia), the man behind MotoCAP – the gear rating system that rates comfort and performance.
Dave Moss (suspension guru, USA), who can talk about bike set-up and why it’s an important part of rider safety.
Levi Sherwood (freestyle motocross rider, New Zealand).