New Queenstown traffic web camera


Queenstown’s BP roundabout at Frankton, which handles around 22,000 vehicles a day, is the newest addition to the NZ Transport Agency’s Queenstown traffic web camera network.

This increases the number of traffic web cameras in Queenstown to four. There is already a camera at the Kawarau Falls bridge and cameras at the two new traffic signal-controlled intersections in the town centre – Shotover and Stanley Sts and Ballarat and Stanley Sts. The cameras provide images of traffic flows every four minutes that people can use to plan their trips, particularly at peak times.

Ian Duncan, Transport Agency Southern Business Unit Manager, says the web cameras are monitored 24/7 by the Transport Agency’s Wellington Transport Operations Centre. Staff can adjust the traffic signals at the town sites to help ensure traffic flows as efficiently as possible during busy hours and the public can use the camera at the BP roundabout to assist them in planning trips to avoid busy periods.

'Having a traffic web camera at the BP roundabout, one of the real pressure points on the local highway network, will provide a useful tool to help people plan trips,' says Mr Duncan.

Until the extra lanes at the BP roundabout are constructed, scheduled for this summer, and other improvements like the two-lane Kawarau Falls bridge is completed, traffic web cameras will help people plan their journeys.

The Queenstown traffic web cameras can be viewed at link)

A traffic operations centre team member monitors the Queenstown traffic web cameras.