Update: Next phase of State Highway 6 Marlborough roundabout works about to begin


With work on this project now underway, new details are available on how ongoing works will affect residents, businesses, and drivers.

Update 18 June:

Jetesh Bhula, Regional Manager Infrastructure Delivery, says a single directional road closure will be in place on State Highway 6 from mid-July.

"From Monday, 15 July to early December, a section of State Highway 6 outside the Marlborough Airport will be closed in one direction to eastbound traffic with local road detours in place."

"It will be the same approach we used for the recent State Highway 6 Bells/St Leonards Roads roundabout works. We're prioritising traffic from Blenheim to the airport," Mr Bhula says.

"The roundabout construction, which will improve traffic flow and safety, will begin in August once services are relocated."

The final stage in December will involve four nights of road closures for final sealing work on the Bells/St Leonards Roads and the Tancred Crescent roundabouts.

"Like the Bells/St Leonards roundabout, the new roundabout will be built over four stages, with the final stage to be completed by mid-December. We will update the community on how this work will affect them as it progresses."

"We thank everyone for their patience while this work is carried out, and we urge people to factor extra time for their journeys, especially when traveling to the airport," Mr Bhula says.

Works Location, Schedule and Detour Routes:

Works Schedule:

  • Monday, 10 June to Friday 12 July. Monday to Friday, 7 am – 5 pm
    • Stop/Go traffic management – SH6 Middle Renwick Road/Tancred Crescent intersection
  • Monday, 15 July to December 24/7
    • Directional road closure. ROAD CLOSED to eastbound traffic (Renwick to Blenheim) between Jacksons Road and near Godfrey Road, Drivers must use signposted detours

Detour details:

  • Light vehicles travelling from Nelson/Renwick into Blenheim, or the airport will need to detour via Old Renwick Road and Jacksons Road.
  • People travelling from the airport to Blenheim will need to take SH6 towards Renwick, onto SH63 and right turn onto Anglesea Street, right turn onto High Street/SH6, onto Old Renwick Road and right on Jacksons Road.
  • Heavy vehicles will need to take the same route to Anglesea Street, then left onto Boyce Street and onto SH6. Right onto Rapaura Road/SH62, right on Jacksons Road and back onto SH6

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SH6 Middle Renwick Road/Tancred Crescent roundabout project page

5 June:

Following the successful build of the State Highway 6, Bells/St Leonards Road roundabout, construction on the next phase of the project is about to start.

  • A street with a traffic light and a sign indicating directions.

    Completed roundabout – SH6 Bells / St Leonards Road intersection.

From next week, contractors will begin work for a new roundabout at the intersection of State Highway 6 Middle Renwick Road and Tancred Crescent.

Work to relocate services and build a temporary road for exiting the Marlborough Airport will start on 10 June.

Jetesh Bhula, Regional Manager Infrastructure Delivery, says this is crucial work which must be done before the roundabout is built outside the Marlborough Airport.

“Contractors will be relocating water and power services, clearing the work site, and building a temporary exit road from the airport. They will be doing this work until early August.”

Residents and drivers can expect to see shoulder closures, lane shifts (contraflow) and stop/go traffic management. The stop/go traffic management will be in place from 10 to 21 June, from 7 am to 5 pm.

People will need to plan an extra 15 minutes for their journeys (during peak travel times there may be longer delays). There will be further stop/go traffic management in place after 21 June, timings will be confirmed within in the next few weeks.

Mr Bhula says roundabout construction will get underway in August and is planned to be finished by early December.

“We’ll provide more details about detours and traffic management next week. But from 15 July we are looking to use a similar one direction lane closure to that used for the SH6 Bells/St Leonards Rd roundabout works. We’ll also prioritise traffic from Blenheim to the airport as most traffic comes from this direction.”

“We understand that these road works may cause some inconvenience, particularly to local businesses in the area. However, these are temporary disruptions. Once finished, this roundabout will considerably improve the ease and safety of travel in the area,” Mr Bhula says.

All businesses along State Highway 6 are vital parts of the community. They will remain open and accessible during the project, and NZTA/Waka Kotahi encourages everyone to continue supporting them while construction is underway.