Next steps with Tinwald Corridor Transport Study


A second community workshop to identify issues and possible solutions as part of the Tinwald Corridor Transport Study was held in Ashburton today (26 November).

The Ashburton District Council and NZ Transport Agency are working together to seek solutions for the transport issues on State Highway 1 through Tinwald which relate to access to, across and along the state highway, as well as safety, says Ashburton District Councillor Stuart Wilson.

Representatives from the Tinwald school, local business community, NZ Road Transport Association, Police, residents’ groups and local cycle clubs have now attended two workshops, the first in September, to agree the issues and recommend a programme of works to be developed.

The Transport Agency’s Highway Manager Colin Knaggs says this is a joint project which is investigating a wide range of options that consider safety on the highway, efficiency of both the highway and connecting local roads and how to encourage active forms of transport.

“There is no funding available to undertake any work at this stage; the earliest any works will be undertaken will be as part of the 2015-18 National Land Transport Programme.

“Funding will be sought in response to the findings of this investigation and the work will be prioritised on a national basis.”

This latest workshop has identified a draft programme of improvements for all modes at a variety of locations both on the state highway and local roads.

The business case process being used for the investigation is multi-step. “We are at the Programme Business Case stage that will identify a preferred programme of work to address the agreed problems,” Mr Knaggs says.


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