NZ Transport Agency announces $100m transport investment for West Coast


The NZ Transport Agency has announced the details of a $100m programme of investment in the West Coast region's transport system over the next three years through the 2012-15 National Land Transport programme.

This programme follows the direction outlined in the Government Policy Statement on land transport funding (GPS), with a focus on creating transport solutions that will support economic growth and productivity, improve safety, provide people with a range of transport choices and deliver the best possible value for money.

The NZTA’s Regional Director for the Southern region Jim Harland, says the investment in West Coast’s transport network over the next three years will be focused on maintaining the efficiency, overall resilience and safety of the region road network for road users and freight movers.

The committed and recommended investment in the West Coast region for 2012-15 includes approximately $38m for maintaining the efficiency of local roads and $62m for the region’s state high network over this period. Indicators of the condition of West Coast roads show they are generally at or above average, and holding relatively steady he said.

Funding for key projects to help create transport solutions for a thriving West Coast include:

  • The replacement of the Rough River Bridge on Atarau Road with a structure that can carry high productivity  vehicle weighing up to 53 tonnes, so they can use the route to transport coal from the region.
  • An investigation into installing a cycle “clip-on” to the State highway 6 Taramaku River Bridge. This road-rail bridge is on the national cycle pathway network.

Mr Harland said the investment in the West Coast is part of a $12.28 billion investment in New Zealand’s land transport system set out in the 2012-15 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP), including $9.38 billion from the National Land Transport Fund. The National Land Transport Programme is a partnership between local authorities (who invest funding from ratepayers and prioritise activities and projects for funding) and the NZTA (which develops the programme and invests National Land Transport Fund funds collected from road users through vehicle registration fees and fuel taxes).

While the 2012-15 National Land Transport Programme represents a significant investment in New Zealand’s transport system, with the country facing tight economic conditions, not all proposed activities could be funded.

“We’ve been working closely with West Coast local authorities for several months to ensure that funding is carefully targeted to the areas and the activities where it is needed the most and where it will deliver the best outcomes for the greatest number of people in the region. We will continue working closely with them as the 2012-15 National Land Transport Programme is implemented over the next three years.” Mr Harland says. 

The preparation of this programme has been informed by 16 regional transport committees and Auckland Transport developing and submitting regional land transport programmes outlining activities to be prioritised for funding.

National and regional National Land Transport Programme documents, Q&As and other information can be found on the NZ Transport Agency website(external link).