NZ Transport Agency Awards Contract for Southern Corridor Improvements Project


The NZ Transport Agency’s commitment to keeping Auckland moving was illustrated today as the contract was awarded to Leighton Contractors to deliver the Southern Corridor Improvements project.

The $267 million project is one of four Government accelerated transport projects for the Auckland region and the Transport Agency’s second to be delivered following the State Highway 20A to Airport project.

The project area on State Highway 1 extends from Manukau to Papakura.

“The Southern Corridor is a key route from the north, connecting Auckland to the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and the rest of New Zealand. The project is one of a range of improvements being developed to address growth and demand within and south of Auckland by helping to move people and freight more efficiently,” says the Transport Agency’s State Highways Manager for Auckland and Northland Brett Gliddon.

The project will form a critical component of the Western Ring Route connecting Manukau and the North Shore via State Highway 20 (the Waterview tunnel) and State Highways 16 (the Northwestern) and State Highway 18, as an alternative North-South route to State Highway 1.

The project will be opened in stages to coincide with the opening of the Waterview tunnel in early 2017. 

The SCI project includes:

  • Southbound widening -  to 4 lanes between SH20 and Hill Road and to 3 lanes between Hill Road and Papakura
  • Northbound widening -  to 3 lanes from Papakura to Takanini
  • Takanini Interchange upgrade
  • Upgrade of 16 existing bridges and construction of 6 new structures
  • A new 4.5km walking and cycleway
  • New LED lighting

Benefits of the project include more consistent journey times on the Southern Motorway, improved traffic flow and connections between the local roads and state highway to help ease congestion. Environmental benefits include low impact and sustainable stormwater treatment methods, salt marsh restoration at the Pahurehure Inlet and significant planting that incorporate eco-sourced indigenous species.

Leighton Contractors is expected to begin construction in October this year and to complete the project in 2018. The company is involved with the State Highway 16 upgrade (Northwestern Motorway) and was part of the alliance that successfully delivered the Northern Gateway Toll Road and Newmarket Viaduct Replacement.

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