NZTA annual report outlines transport improvements


The NZ Transport Agency's annual report for the year ended 30 June 2010 is now available online.

The report, available at at link), highlights improvements to public transport, new plans for managing $25 billion worth of state highways, a new approach to road safety and the commencement of work to complete all seven Roads of National Significance projects among other achievements over the past year.

The report covers the first full year of the agency's operations since the NZTA was established in August 2008.

NZTA Chief Executive Geoff Dangerfield says the 2009/10 annual report provides an overview of the agency's achievements over the past year, and outlines how the NZTA is working to build a better land transport system for all New Zealanders.

“Were still a relatively young organisation and there are many challenges ahead, but I am proud of the progress we've made in building our capability, delivering on our strategic priorities and building a safer and more efficient transport system in a relatively short space of time,” Mr Dangerfield said. 

During the 12 months covered by the annual report the NZTA has:

  • launched the first three-yearly National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) detailing a series of targeted investments totalling $8.7 billion to improve land transport across New Zealand
  • completed the 2010/11 State Highway Plan and the first State Highway Asset Management Plan outlining how the NZTA intends to manage the $25 billion state highway asset
  • begun work to substantially complete all seven Roads of National Significance projects by 2020
  • helped with the development of the Safer Journeys strategy and encouraged the adoption of a ‘safe systems' approach to road safety
  • improved the driver testing system with the introduction of a new learner licence theory test
  • helped to establish the Public Transport Leadership Forum – the first time that key parties from across the sector have worked together to create a unified public transport system and services for New Zealand
  • processed over 11 million transactions to provide customers with access to the land transport system, and processed almost five million trips on New Zealand's first fully electronic toll road
  • identified key freight and tourism routes and developed the Freight Forward plan to increase the efficiency of freight movement
  • worked to identify potential transport issues posed by the Rugby World Cup and put plans in place to deal with these
  • launched an Integrated Planning Strategy to promote good regional and urban planning and design.

"These achievements are all aimed at the single purpose of improving transport for people across New Zealand. We're looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead as we continue to work towards that goal with the help of our contractors, agents and partners," Mr Dangerfield said.