NZTA plans maintenance "blitz" for Northland State Highways


The NZ Transport Agency has started a six week-long maintenance "blitz" on the state highway network in Northland to reduce the inconvenience the programme will have on the region's road users.

Approximately 100 kilometres of Northland's state highways in some 250 locations will be affected by the NZTA's intensified maintenance schedule.

"Traditionally our maintenance work - with its associated speed restrictions and slower journey times - was spread out over three months," says the NZTA's acting State Highways Manager for Auckland and Northland, Steve Mutton. "We used to reseal longer sections of highway based on age.  This year our priority is safety and we're concentrating on smaller sections of highway.

The $7m programme includes improving skid resistance, smoothing rough sections of highway, and increasing waterproofing to protect the base or foundation of a highway from water damage.

"We won't get rid of those speed restrictions or slower journeys, but it will mean that we can complete our work and provide drivers with safer highways a lot more quickly."

Mr Mutton says all of Northland's state highways will be affected to some extent.

"The NZTA and our contractors from Fulton Hogan and Downer will do everything we can to minimise any disruption, but drivers should allow more time for their journeys to avoid the need to rush to reach their destinations on time."

Mr Mutton says support from drivers is critical so that the works can be completed successfully.

"People will be driving through live constructions zones and they will need to observe speed restrictions for the safety of themselves and their passengers, and our contractors working on the sites," he says.

Mr Mutton says speed restrictions will also protect new surfaces to make their safety benefits more effective.

People can get more information about the NZTA's maintenance programme from the Northland State Highway response number on 0800 111 655.