NZTA to ‘Pause for Health and Safety’


The NZ Transport Agency is today joining industry partners to engage and focus on the significance of health and safety for half a day.

The ‘Pause for Health and Safety Day’ will involve all Transport Agency staff and industry workers nationwide pausing work between 8am and 12pm, to focus on creating safer working environments and eradicating workplace accidents.

The recent deaths of four men on roading construction sites in Wellington’s Ngauranga Gorge and on State Highway 2 at Pikowai in the eastern Bay of Plenty were the catalyst for the health and safety day.

Transport Agency Safety, Health and Environment General Manager Greg Lazzaro says these deaths were devastating for families, work colleagues, communities, firms and the wider construction industry.

“For the Transport Agency and our industry partners health and safety is our top priority, we have strict health and safety policies. We must all take actions to prevent accidents, which injure people while they are at work and we must never be complacent.”

It is an established practice for industry to down tools to re-engage and refocus their people on health and safety. Today the Transport Agency is uniting with its industry partners to show, in our actions, our commitment to health and safety.

“It must be the aim of all New Zealanders to eliminate workplace injuries and deaths. The Transport Agency is committed to ensuring health and safety is at the forefront of everything we do,” Mr Lazarro says.