Opening hours through Haast Pass extended


The NZ Transport Agency is extending the opening hours of State Highway 6 through Haast Pass, from Makarora to Haast township, from this Monday (25 August).

From Monday, the highway will open an hour earlier at 8am at the Diana Falls slip site, says the Transport Agency’s Senior Network Manager Mark Pinner.

“With the approach of spring and longer daylight hours, the highway will be open from 8am to 5pm.

“Traffic will be released at the remote road blocks at Haast township and Makarora at 7.30am; the highway being closed each day at 4pm at Haast township and 4.30pm at Makarora.”

Mr Pinner says the extra daylight at the end of the day will be used in the next couple of weeks to help get the work completed on the slip face and to prepare for the widening and realignment of the highway to re-open it to two lanes of traffic in time for the start of the busy summer tourist season.

“Opening hours through the site will again be reviewed early next month and at the start of Daylight Saving.”

Night-time closures, from 5pm to 8am, will remain until the slip protection works are completed. These are scheduled for completion late next month.

For more information please contact:

Jan McCarthy
Media Manager - Christchurch
NZ Transport Agency

T: 03 964 2885 
M: 021 427 442