Plan ahead for delays on Wellington highways


The NZ Transport Agency advises motorists to plan ahead for likely delays on Wellington's highway network this week due to continued disruption to train services following last week's ferocious storm.

NZTA Central Operations Manager Mark Owen says reduced train services are likely to mean the roads are more congested during peak hour than normal, and motorists should plan their journeys to help reduce disruption. The Hutt Valley and Wairarapa train lines are affected, but this is expected to have flow-on congestion for other travellers getting in and out of Wellington.

Mr Owen says the NZTA were encouraging motorists to travel outside peak hour if possible. Carpooling and working from home would also help to keep numbers on the road to manageable levels

"Wellington is still recovering from its biggest storm in decades, so it's not surprising that there's some disruption as KiwiRail works hard to get train services fully restored. We urge motorists to think about how and when they intend to travel, and plan ahead. If people can tweak their usual travel plans, it's likely to mean reduced time on the road for themselves and others."
He says motorists with tight travel deadlines, such as shift workers and airport travellers, will need to allow themselves plenty of leeway to make sure they get to their destinations on time.

Mr Owen says the NZTA, along with partners Wellington City Council, would be monitoring traffic levels closely from Wellington's Traffic Operations Centre, and will be updating electronic information signs and issuing traffic alerts to keep motorists informed in real time. The NZTA would be working closely with NZ Police, KiwiRail and local authorities to keep traffic moving and well informed.

Mr Owen says the NZTA thanks motorists for their patience and understanding.

The NZTA’s website is regularly updated with information about most delays, closures and detours at link). This information is also available by phoning the NZTA’s free phone on 0800 4HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49), which can also be used to report any significant road issues or hazards which people may come across during their travels.
The NZTA also uses other technology to provide information to enable drivers to make better informed choices about their travel. On The Move is a free service which enables people to sign up for information about crashes, road works and driving conditions on their frequently used routes - to sign up, go to link)