Plan ahead to avoid delays on roads during busy weekend of events


The NZ Transport Agency is encouraging motorists to plan ahead and allow plenty of time for their journeys ahead of a big weekend of events south of Auckland and the Waikato.

Extra traffic is expected on the Waikato Expressway between Hamilton and Auckland this weekend as people travel to the Rugby League World Cup in Hamilton , the Tough Mudda competition at Hampton Downs and the V8’s at Pukekohe.

“With so many big events all happening over the weekend we know the roads and motorways will be busy. We would strongly recommend that people plan ahead, leave early, and allow extra time for their journeys,” says Rua Pani, Manager of the Auckland Transport Operation Centre.

“If you can avoid travelling during the busiest periods it will make a big difference towards helping to reduce delays.”

“We’d also encourage you to keep an eye on our real time travel information, to help you make more informed decisions about when to travel, and how much time to allow.

As well as a range of technology, teams will also be monitoring and managing traffic flows and incidents on both local roads and the state highway network and providing up to the minute and accurate information on the best times to travel and less congested routes.

The best way to get up to date and accurate information is to monitor the Transport Agency’s travel pages link)

Or plan ahead by signing up to link)  to get email notifications about road and traffic conditions on the route you plan to travel. Don’t forget to check twitter and facebook for regular updates on delays, incidents and congestion hotspots