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Plan ahead to stay safe on school holiday journeys in Northland


With the start of school holidays next week and winter weather starting to settle in, motorists in Auckland and Northland are reminded to adjust their driving to keep themselves and other road users safe.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency encourages people about to take a road journey to plan ahead and allow extra time to reduce winter driving risks.

For regular updates on road and weather conditions:

“In winter there are fewer daylight hours and you’re more likely to be driving in less favourable weather with reduced visibility, morning fog or wet roads,” says Waka Kotahi Auckland Operations Manager, Rua Pani.

“Simple guidelines for winter travelling include ensuring your vehicle is safe, always driving to the road and weather conditions, allowing more time for your travel, slowing down, being prepared for unexpected hazards and allowing greater following distance between you and the vehicle ahead.”

“The room for mistakes is reduced when road and weather conditions are less favourable, and we don’t want anyone’s mistake to end in an avoidable tragedy. We want everybody to get home safely.”

“Slow down and watch your following distances. It takes longer to stop in wet conditions so leave a safe distance between you and the car you’re following.”

“If travelling long distances, make sure you are well rested and plan where to have a break. Share the driving if possible or allow for stops every two hours.”

Rua Pani says it’s also very important to watch out for other road users.

“During the school holidays there will be more children on the streets, walking and cycling, or visitors to the area who are not familiar with the road.”

“There will be road works in places with temporary speed limits to ensure the safety of workers and other road users. Please slow down and stay vigilant.”

Plan ahead for a safe, enjoyable journey. Keep up to date with: