Proposed speed changes to make travel near Puhoi safer


The community is being asked for its feedback on proposed changes to speed limits to improve safety for those travelling through the State Highway 1 intersection at Puhoi.

The NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport say changing the speed limit on both the state highway and Puhoi Road will reduce crashes and near misses.

The proposed changes include extending the existing 80km/h speed limit on State Highway 1 through the Johnstones Hill Tunnel, past the intersection of the state highway and Puhoi Road.

It also includes reducing the speed limit on Puhoi Road, from 100km/h to 80km/h from the intersection with the highway until it reaches the 50km/h zone in Puhoi village.

Northland and Auckland Highway Manager, Brett Gliddon says the intersection has a high crash rate and there have been many near misses as people navigate their way on and off the state highway. There have been 6 intersection related crashes between 2011 and 2015.

“We have listened to feedback from the local community who have been asking for a lower speed limit through this area in response to higher traffic volumes.”

“The growing population in the area means more people are using the intersection and it’s become difficult for vehicles trying to turn right out of Puhoi Road against the northbound traffic which is travelling on the highway.  Lowering the speed limit to 80km/h will reduce the frequency and severity of crashes.”

The proposed changes are part of the Transport Agency’s continued commitment on behalf of the Government to making roads and roadsides safer and reducing the severity of crashes if they do occur.”

If the proposals are supported by the community the Transport Agency and Auckland Transport would then set the new speed limits by making a change to the speed limits bylaw.