Rai Valley accessible from Blenheim via State Highway 6 this morning


Contractors continue to make substantial progress in reopening State Highway 6 to residents and road users. From 10 am this morning, the road closures are being shifted on the Marlborough side, allowing Rai Valley residents access to Blenheim.

State Highway 6. Hira to Rai Valley:

From 10 am, Tuesday 30 August, the road closure point moves from Havelock to the Rai Valley. State Highway 6 is now closed between Hira and Ronga Road/French pass turn off. Speed restrictions and traffic signals are in place and drivers are urged to take care when traveling on this stretch of road.

As announced last week, we aim to reopen the last stretch of State Highway 6, Hira to Rai Valley, tomorrow, Wednesday 31 August, weather permitting.

(Image: Mud and debris on SH6, Hira-Havelock)

State Highway 6. Rocks Road:

Rocks Road is open to traffic in both directions and is subject to a 30km/h speed restriction.

Cyclists travelling from Nelson to Richmond need to use the railway reserve walk/cycleway, while those travelling from Richmond to Nelson can ride on the road. Pedestrians can use the seaward side footpath in both directions.

The road may be closed at short notice if geotechnical experts advise of the risk of slips or if there are weather issues. Road users should expect delays when using this route.

State Highway 63. Leathem Road to Saint Arnaud:

We want to have the road open within the next few weeks, with restrictions, while full repairs are completed. Currently, contractors are working to build a permanent repair for the washed-out Branch River Bridge. Diversion work on the river has been completed, and the rebuilding of the approach to the bridge is underway.

Because a permanent repair is being done, the work requires a much more involved and detailed process and will take longer to complete. However, it will mean that further prolonged closures won’t be needed at this site.

(Image: Branch River Bridge washout)

State Highway 60. Tākaka. Between Waitapu Wharf Road and Rangihaeata Road.

Due to severe weather damage and ongoing repairs, this road is open intermittently during the day for light vehicles and heavy vehicles of up to 26 tonnes only. The opening times are 8 am-9 am, 12 pm-1 pm, 3 pm-4 pm and 6 pm-7 am each day. The road is closed at all other times.

 Advice to road users:

Please respect all road closures. Road crews need to be able to do their work, and the closures give them the time and space to do their job. The quicker they can work, the sooner the roads can be reopened.

While roads are reopening, drivers must be aware things are not back to normal. Please drive to the conditions, be alert for roadworks and respect all speed limits and traffic restrictions at work sites. It is also important that drivers be prepared for delays as work to restore the local highway network continues.