Ramp signals now operating on Northwestern Motorway (SH16)


The NZ Transport Agency advises motorists that ramp signals are now operating on the Northwestern Motorway (SH16) at the following locations:

  • Te Atatu Road westbound on-ramp
  • Great North Road (Waterview) westbound on-ramp
  • Patiki Road westbound on-ramp

Motorists should check for electronic signs as they approach the on-ramp. When lights are red - stop and wait for the green signal. When lights turn green - one vehicle in each lane goes down the ramp to merge with traffic. The next vehicle in each lane moves forward and waits for its turn.

The signals operate only when necessary, during busy times. Motorists are advised to drive with caution while adjusting to the new signals.

A managed priority lane for trucks, buses and car-pool vehicles is also operating at the Great North Road westbound on-ramp.