Ramp signals operating at busy Auckland motorway junction


The NZ Transport Agency is reminding motorists that ramp signals will be operating at the connection of the Southwestern and Southern motorways [State Highways 20 and 1] at Manukau in south Auckland from today [Monday 13 December] to improve traffic flows and driver safety.

The ramp signals are located on the southbound lanes of the Southwestern Motorway just before they join SH1. The highway layout at the location of the signals is being widened from two to three lanes to increase the number of vehicles able to merge with Southern Motorway.  The three lanes can be used by all vehicles – cars, vans, trucks and buses - and there is no priority access for heavy vehicles as there is elsewhere on Auckland’s motorway network.

The signals will only operate at busy times on the two motorways like the afternoon peak, says the NZTA’s State Highways manager for Auckland, Tommy Parker.  .

“Drivers are advised that there could be delays as people get used to the signals, and they should drive with care and remain in their lanes when they get the green light to merge,” he says.

The NZTA announced in October that it would install the ramp signals as it responded to drivers’ concerns about congestion during the afternoon peak at the merge of the two motorways.  Longer term, the NZTA is investigating the possibility of bringing forward work to widen the Southern Motorway south of Hill Rd in Manurewa to three lanes in each direction.

The SH1/20 motorway connection marks the southern end of the Western Ring Route, a road of national significance.  When completed, it will provide a 48 kilometre-long alternative around Auckland and ease pressure on SH1 and the Auckland Harbour Bridge.