Reduced speed and closure of a passing lane near Pareora, South Canterbury


The NZ Transport Agency is putting in place temporary reduced speed limits of 70km/hour and have closed the left hand, northbound lane on the Timaru Pareora Highway, SH1, South Canterbury.

Currently, the site is signposted at 50km/h while staff are on site installing the traffic management.

“The surfacing on the northbound lanes has deteriorated in the past hot summer conditions, with the seal “bleeding” or melting, reducing the surface skid resistance,” says Transport Agency System Manager Pete Connors.

As a result, in wet weather, drivers were much more likely to slide on the road surface. Travelling at a maximum of 70km/hour will significantly reduce this risk. 

“We will water cut the road surface to remove excess road surface binder in the coming winter months,” says Mr Connors. “In the meantime, for everyone’s safety, we will keep the temporary speed limits in place and remove the passing opportunity, to keep speeds down on this part of the network until these repairs are completed.”

Crews are continuing to install temporary traffic management at the site today.

“Thanks to everyone for slowing down while the temporary traffic management measures are being installed” says Mr Connors.

How the site looks to drivers on SH1, South Canterbury currently – the shiny surface “flushing” is visible near the rumble strip.

SH1 Canterbury
SH1 Canterbury

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