Road repairs on two Whangarei highways to start on Monday

The NZ Transport Agency advises motorists that two sets of road repairs will start in Whangarei on Monday, weather permitting.

The left hand southbound lane on State Highway 1 at Western Hills Drive will be closed just south of Manse Street for repairs and resurfacing. The other southbound lane will remain open.

The daytime work will take about five days, with the final surface laid later in the month.

Road repairs will also start Monday night on State Highway 14, just west of the intersection with SH1. The work will be done overnight, starting at 7pm if traffic allows and continuing until 5.30am. Work outside the shops won’t start until 9pm. The traffic lights at Hospital Road will be switched off, with manual traffic control in place.

This first stage of repairs is expected to take about 10 days, with the final surface laid later in the month.

The Transport Agency asks motorists to be patient and keep to the posted speed limits while travelling through these areas to ensure the safety of the workers and all road users.

Check the Transport Agency’s website: link) for the latest highway information or sign up to link) for up-to-date information on what is happening on the route you plan to travel; Freephone 0800 4 HIGHWAYS for national and regional travel updates.