Safer rail crossing for pedestrians on Main Street


The busy rail crossing on State Highway 1 / Main Street is set to become safer for pedestrians, with work to begin shortly on a $30,000 upgrade.

Marlborough Roads is set to begin upgrading the Main Street pedestrian rail crossing facilities on the southern and northern side of the roundabout to make it safer for pedestrians to cross the rail line. Work is expected to begin later this month. 

Marlborough Roads Manager Frank Porter says the work will include ‘Look for trains” signage, improvements to the surface of the level crossing, and vegetation trimming to improve sight lines. 

The upgrade will also see the installation of surface indicators, which alert blind and vision-impaired pedestrians with visual and sensory information underfoot as to the approaching hazard. Hazard strips will also be installed to provide guidance across the rail tracks. 

“We’re conscious of that this is a busy crossing and we’re taking this opportunity to make it safer for everyone. 

“Having better signage and infrastructure will help to reduce the risk of pedestrians coming into harm’s way, and we’re asking people to play their part by keeping their wits about them and not taking any chances.” 

Together with KiwiRail and other partners, the Transport Agency supports the launch of a new ‘Expect trains’ campaign, as part of Rail Safety Week 2015.