Safety improvements from Waitara to Bell Block


The NZ Transport Agency is making the journey on State Highway 3 (SH3) between Waitara and Bell Block safer for motorists.

The safety improvement project will start in March and the first stage of the project will remove the northbound passing lane between Mahoetahi Road and Raleigh Street.

Acting Regional Director Ross I’Anson says this will make the road safer for all those who use it.

“The Transport Agency is committed to making New Zealand’s roads safer, and the safety improvement project between Waitara and Bell Block is all about reducing deaths and serious injuries on what we know is a high-risk route in Taranaki.

“Removing the northbound passing lane near Richmond Road will make allowances for the introduction of a wide shoulder, meaning it’ll be safer for drivers to pull over and allowing more room or cyclists. 

“By removing the passing lane we’ll also be able to mark a wide centreline on the road, providing greater separation for opposing traffic and reducing the likelihood of cross-centreline crashes,” says Mr I’Anson.

The NZ Transport Agency will continue to work through the design phase for further improvements to SH3 between Waitara and Bell Block over the winter months of 2019, when weather conditions make roadworks unsuitable.

These further improvements, which include safety measures such as roundabouts, wide shoulders, wide centrelines, right-turn bays and barriers, will be implemented in the Waitara to Bell Block corridor through the summer of 2019-20 and into the summer of 2020-21.

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