Safety improvements on SH1 Awanui


A series of safety improvements along a section of State Highway One in the Far North will increase the chances of people walking away from a crash without serious injury.

The NZ Transport Agency is making the safety improvements on SH1 from Dick Smith Loop Road to Unahi Road at Awanui. 

The work, which will include widening the road shoulder and installing wire rope barriers, will take about five weeks to carry out and will involve lane closures and speed restrictions. 

There has been one fatal accident and two other crashes at the location in the past five years. 

The NZ Transport Agency’s Network Performance Manager Tim Crow says the Agency is committed to reducing avoidable deaths and injuries on our roads by creating a safer and more forgiving transport system, which can accommodate for human error. 

“All drivers can make mistakes, but roads can also be designed to help prevent these mistakes resulting in fatal crashes.” 

“By using simple affordable engineering solutions such as wider, more forgiving roadsides and shoulders as well as wire rope barriers, we can help stop common mistakes becoming fatal head-on collisions.”

When installed wire rope barriers allow an out of control vehicle to be stopped, contained and redirected in a safe way.

“While engineering solutions play a valuable role in making our roads safer, they are just one piece of the puzzle. It’s important that drivers share responsibility for road safety by travelling at safe speeds, being cautious and courteous at all times and driving the safest possible vehicle they can afford.”

One lane will be closed and a temporary 30 kilometre speed restriction will be in place during construction hours to protect road users and the construction crews on site.

The NZ Transport Agency apologises for any inconvenience and thanks motorists for their patience while we carry out this important safety work.