Setting our direction


Two key accountability documents – our Statement of Intent and Statement of Performance Expectations 2014-18 – were released recently. They set our direction for the next four years.


This direction is reflected in two key accountability documents – our 2014-18 Statement of Intent and Statement of Performance Expectations.

The Statement of Intent sets out where we are heading and why over the next four years. The Statement of Performance Expectations details our service delivery and investment measures and targets and how much it will cost.

Overall, our strategic direction and goals remain consistent and unchanged from the previous year. We continue to focus on the following priorities:

  • Putting customers at the heart of our business
  • Making the most of urban network capacity
  • Moving more freight on fewer trucks
  • Safe speeds to reduce deaths and serious injuries
  • Efficient road maintenance investment and delivery.

This year’s accountability documents are slightly different due to changes to requirements set out in the Crown Entities Act.

One change is that the Statement of Intent now covers four years rather than three. So in future we don’t need to publish it annually. The SPE replaces the Statement of Service and Financial Performance section that was an integrated part of previous Statement of Intent documents.

You can find our latest Statement of Intent documents on our public website(external link).​​