Setting the record straight – Compliance not a quick fix, but progressing well


Regulatory Compliance Lead Steve Haszard says the NZ Transport Agency is making huge progress in addressing areas of non-compliance identified in its recent review.

“We have looked into 1497 possible non-compliance cases in five months and taken 291 enforcement actions,” Mr Haszard says.

“It’s important New Zealanders know that we have made significant progress in rebuilding our regulatory compliance function at the Transport Agency. For example, the original backlog of 850 open compliance files have been cleared and the Transport Agency has new robust processes in place.”

“Recently reported comments about the future of the NZ Transport Agency’s regulatory function are misleading and incorrect.”

“It’s important for me to set the record straight.”

“The reality is the cost of this work is currently unknown because the design of the best practice model hasn’t yet been completed.”

“It’s also far too early to be talking about long term improvements and investments until the Ministry of Transport’s review is complete.”

“Our focus remains on prioritising the safety of all road users and the Transport Agency continue to work hard to remove transport operators and services who pose a threat to land transport safety.”