SH4 Anzac Parade repairs set to resume


Final repairs to Anzac Parade in Whanganui are getting underway this week, with the NZ Transport Agency receiving resource consent to complete remaining work along the damaged riverbank.

The riverbank along Anzac Parade required significant repairs following severe flooding in 2015, including the restoration of two lanes and the cycleway.

While the Transport Agency has been working on Anzac Parade repairs since 2017, work was placed on hold in July until further council consent documentation was received. With the paperwork now complete, Transport Agency System Manager Mark Owen is confident the work will be wrapped up quickly.

Mr Owen says the Anzac Parade repairs are 80 per cent complete and expects the work to be finished by late October.

“The work we are doing now means a much more resilient riverbank along Anzac Parade and that the riverbank will be better able to withstand future flooding. We know that this has been a long process, so we thank the community for their patience.”

In June 2015 a major flood event in and around Whanganui caused substantial damage to parts of the State Highway network including slips covering the road and drop outs where the road has fallen away.

The Transport Agency has already repaired more than 30 sites and just eight substantial repairs remain, including Anzac Parade.

All work on the remaining State Highway 4 and State Highway 54 sites is expected to be completed by mid-2020.

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