SH6 Richmond Deviation getting safety median barriers


Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is making the SH6 Richmond Deviation, in Tasman District, safer. In recent days, the highway’s re-sealing over a 1.1 km area has been completed.

From this week through to the end of March, crews will start installing a flexible, centreline wire rope barrier between 7 am and 7 pm.

The barrier keeps opposing directions of traffic separated and prevents head-on collisions, the ones most likely to result in deaths and serious injuries, says Emma Speight, Director Regional Relationships, Top of the South for Waka Kotahi.

“Our team will be working in the middle of the road, so drivers need to slow to 30 km/hour to keep everyone safe on the work site. We're asking everyone to plan some extra time for their journeys at peak hours,” she says.

Median barriers

The 1.1km barrier separating opposing traffic lanes is being installed along the middle of the road from just after the Salisbury Road Extension roundabout to just before the 100/50 km/ hour speed threshold near McGlashen Avenue.

“This investment supports our Road to Zero strategy of no deaths or serious injuries on our roads by 2050,” says Ms Speight.

These barriers are suited to New Zealand roads as they are narrow so can often be installed without significant widening of the road, making them a cost effective and efficient way of saving lives. Most importantly, they work, says Ms Speight.

“Results show up to a 75% percent reduction in road fatalities wherever they're installed.

“Safety barriers prevent head-on crashes and therefore make a big difference in reducing potential deaths and injuries if someone makes a mistake,” Ms Speight says.

Waka Kotahi thanks motorists for their patience while we undertake this important safety improvement.

Find out more about the benefits of safety barriers on the flexible road safety barriers page

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