Southern drivers, get ready for maintenance closures – State Highway 1 Marlborough and the Hundalees


Residents and users of SH1 in Marlborough need to be prepared for a series of night closures at Weld Pass, south of Blenheim, says Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

Two weeks of night works for essential maintenance are planned between Sunday, 22 January and Friday, 3 February.

Contractors are carrying out essential structural asphalt work to strengthen the road surface.

Waka Kotahi has worked closely with the freight industry in planning this programme of essential work.

There is also maintenance work planned for 22-25 January on State Highway 1, Hundalees, to the south that drivers need to be aware of. It has been timed to coincide with the works on State Highway 1, Weld Pass. State Highway 1 will be fully closed from 10 pm to 5 am on the Hundalees for these four nights.

Waka Kotahi wants to thank residents, visitors, and regular users of the route for their tolerance and understanding while this crucial maintenance work is carried out.

Closure Map:


Why a full road closure?

  • Because the road through Weld Pass is very narrow, a full closure for night works is necessary. It helps keeps road crews and road users safe and allows the work to be completed faster and more efficiently.
  • It is impossible to do this work during the day under stop/go traffic management without causing extensive traffic delays and extending the disruption into Waitangi weekend and conflicting with planned roadworks on the diversion route, SH7 Lewis Pass.
  • We have taken care to time the works to cause the least disruption to traffic and residents and have opted for eight-hour night closures to get as much pavement work done as possible
  • Access will be available for emergency services at all times.


Advice for people using SH1 between Picton and Christchurch 22 January to 3 February

  • People heading north towards Picton to catch an overnight ferry need to be through the Weld Pass at the midnight opening time while this work is underway over the two-week period – 22 January to 3 February.
  • Additionally, they will also need to be through the Hundalees south of Kaikōura before 10 pm for the four nights of that work, 22 – 25 January. Waka Kotahi will notify any changes to this schedule.
  • People driving south from Picton, going towards Christchurch overnight need to factor in the midnight opening on the Weld Pass for the two weeks of work.
  • Additionally, on the four nights 22-25 January, overnight south-bound drivers may need to pause their journeys in Kaikōura and wait for the 5 am Hundalees opening.
  • People should check these closure confirmation times before travelling - link)


Weld Pass works schedule:

  • 22 January to 3 February – night closures from 8 pm Sunday, 22 January to 6 am Friday, 3 February, with Saturday, 28 January), an open night with no closure.
  • Closure times – 8 pm to 6 am
  • Nightly opening for queued traffic at midnight.
  • SH1, Weld Pass, will be open over the Waitangi Day holiday weekend (4-6 February).
  • The midnight opening is for queued traffic only. Vehicles must be at the closure point by midnight to go through. Traffic will be released one end at a time as there will only be one lane available for moving traffic. Once queued traffic is released, the road will be closed again till 6am.


Advice to road users

  • There are no local road detours. People travelling between Christchurch and Blenheim will have to use the inland route via SH7, Lewis Pass. This adds around 90 minutes to travel times.
  • Be aware the summer maintenance programme is underway on South Island highways. This means there will be resealing work underway across the network. Allow more travel time for roadworks delays.
  • Plan your travel and avoid closure times, particularly if you are using the Cook Strait ferries. 
  • Check this map beforehand for any changes: link)