State Highway 25 Coromandel Peninsula closure


A number of slips have affected SH25 around the Coromandel Peninsula following cyclone Wilma, which swept through the area on Friday and Saturday. NZTA contractors have been clearing widespread small slips and debris from the road but at least one large slip at Raumanga Bay continues to block the highway along the Thames Coast Road.

NZTA State Highway Network Operations Manager Trevor Fearnley says that contractors are working to reinstate access to Te Mata and Tapu from the south but the size and nature of the slip will mean that it will be at least a further 2 days before this can be fully achieved.

Mr Fearnley says, "The slip at Raumanga Bay is a particular concern due to its extent and the possibility of further landslide. We are asking motorists and the general public to stay away from this area for safety reasons as there are a large number of trucks using the road carting material away from the site and there is still a risk from falling debris or further landslide."

The NZTA also advises that care must be taken when travelling on the Coromandel Peninsula highways due to the widespread debris and small slips.

Information on the road conditions in the area can be obtained by phoning 0800 4HIGHWAYS or on the NZTA web site.