Stay away from the edge – help keep our state highways safe


Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is asking Bay of Plenty motorists to play their part in keeping the region’s state highways safe by avoiding driving over edge marker posts installed along roadsides.

Bay of Plenty System Manager Rob Campbell says edge marker posts provide useful guidance for drivers about the layout of the road ahead, especially dips and curves along the road.

“Edge marker posts are fitted with reflective devices, which make them very helpful for night-time driving. Curves and dips along the road can make it hard to see the road ahead. Edge marker posts stand above the road surface, so they can be seen from far away even when the road surface and markings are not visible. They also don’t get obscured by dirt and debris in the way that road marking or raised reflective pavement markers can.”

Mr Campbell says edge marker posts are known to reduce crashes by up to 18 per cent, particularly at night.

“Vehicle crashes at night in high speed rural areas can result in injuries or loss of life.

“Edge marker posts alongside state highways in the Bay of Plenty are frequently run over and damaged by vehicles. They’re also made of hard plastic and can damage the underneath of a vehicle if driven over.

“Waka Kotahi and its maintenance contractors work hard to maintain and replace damaged edge marker posts on the state highway network, to help keep road users safe. We ask road users to play their part by avoiding driving over edge marker posts.”

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