“Stop littering on our highways” says the Transport Agency


The NZ Transport Agency says littering along State Highway 1 is becoming so problematic and common that the Agency is asking the public to report those deliberately dumping rubbish.

The Transport Agency’s Regional Performance Manager, Karen Boyt says over the last month large amounts of household rubbish and a truck load of tyres were dumped either along the highway or in rest areas near Cambridge.

Ms Boyt “Dumping rubbish either on or near our state highways is a potential hazard for those driving near the area as it can make its way onto the road and not to mention damages our surrounding environment.”

“Removing rubbish particularly tyres which are not easy to dispose of is costly” says Ms Boyt “those costs take away from funding that should be spent on maintaining our roads to ensure they remain safe to drive on.”

She says anyone who is aware of people dumping rubbish near state highways should not hesitate to contact the Transport Agency on 07 958 7220.

“If you see anyone dumping rubbish please call us, your information will be used in the strictest confidence to help us track down those that are responsible.”

Ms Boyt says a similar issue occurred earlier in the year and with the assistance of police they were able to trace the person who had dumped the household rubbish and they have now received the bill for the clean-up, she says it would be great if those responsible for the more recent littering were also caught, particularly those involved in dumping a truck load of tyres at the Karapiro rest area near Cambridge.