Stop/go traffic management in place at Te Marua, SH2 from 6.30pm tonight


The NZ Transport Agency is advising that temporary traffic management will be in place again from 6.30pm tonight, on State Highway 2 near the Te Marua golf course where urgent stabilisation work is being carried out on the riverbank.

“We have recently been working on this site, as previous weather events have caused slips to sections of the riverbank, making the cycleway above it unsafe. However, with the heavy rain today, and more expected in the coming days we are taking a proactive approach because of the risk of further erosion of the riverbank,” Mark Owen Regional Performance Manager, NZ Transport Agency says.

The current daytime stop/go traffic control that has been in place for the riverbank works will be temporarily lifted this afternoon so both north and southbound lanes can be fully open during the peak commuter hours of 3.30pm to 6.30pm. The temporary speed limit of 30kph/h will remain in place through the site.

“After 6.30pm tonight, we will put the stop/go traffic control back in place and close the northbound lane from Beechwood Lane approaching the Te Marua Bridge. We will assess again tomorrow morning whether the road needs to remain under stop/go, and down to a single lane,” Mr Owen says.

“We know that this is a busy stretch of the road for commuters, so we will open the road again when it is safe to do so.”

For updates on the road status call freephone number, 0800 4 HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49) or visit