T2 restrictions at Mana to be replaced by clearways


The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is to remove the current T2 lane restrictions along Mana Esplanade and replace them clearways, together with new traffic signals at the Marina View intersection. This follows the Environment Court's approval of a consent order to enable these changes to proceed.

Acting Highways and Network Operations Manager, Mark Owen says that work will now go ahead to introduce the clearways, and upgrading the Mana Esplanade / Marina View intersection with new traffic and pedestrian crossings and marking of parking spaces, and improved signage along Mana Esplanade. 

“The T2 lanes have been very helpful in assisting to relieve congestion problems in this area, but at the same time the public has told us that since their introduction that they were not having the desired effect given the urban context of this section of SH1. The new clearways will help to manage congestion while also meeting the needs of the local community.”

“We will also be looking to improve the safety of the intersection at Mana Esplanade / Marina View for vehicles seeking to exit and enter Marina View and pedestrians wishing to cross the Esplanade.”

Detailed design work will now commence and the NZTA is planning to have the changes implemented early in the New Year.  Mr Owen says the NZTA will continue to work closely with Porirua City Council, the Paremata  and Plimmerton Residents Associations and the wider public as it carries out the changes.

Porirua Mayor, Nick Leggett, welcomes the move to introduce a clearway along the Mana Esplanade and says "It is great to see that NZTA has resolved these issues with the residents of Mana Esplanade.  Now we can replace the T2 lanes with a simple clearway system, something the Porirua City Council has been strongly supportive of for some time."
"Clearways will be safer because people will better understand what is expected of them as motorists.  The clearways should also have a consequent reduction in peak period congestion along Mana Esplanade," adds Mayor Leggett.

Mr Owen says a key aspect of the Environment Court’s decision is that the changes are clearly communicated to the public both before and after the implementation of the changes.  This is to ensure that all vehicles travelling along and through Mana Esplanade are aware that they can use the kerbside lanes when the clearway hours are in operation, but all through traffic is encouraged to use the centre lane when the clearway hours aren’t in operation.