Tahaenui Bridge reduced to one lane


Drivers in the Wairoa region will have noticed changes to the Tahaenui Bridge over the past few weeks, following a decision by the NZ Transport Agency to reduce the bridge to a single lane to improve safety.

NZTA’s Acting Senior Systems Manager Wayne Oldfield says the previous configuration of the bridge posed safety issues for drivers due to its narrow lanes and regular occurrence of debris left over from either vehicle or bridge damage. 

“Following a recent serious crash on Tahaenui Bridge in April this year, NZTA decided the bridge would remain one lane after the repair work was completed,” Mr Oldfield says.

The site is currently under traffic management with a 50 kilometre per hour speed restriction while drivers become familiar with the give way priority arrangement. Under the new arrangement, traffic towards Nuhaka will give way to other direction. 

“NZTA will be trialling the new one-lane arrangement for a further three months and we will continue to actively monitor the site,” Mr Oldfield says.

“Over this time we welcome feedback on the one-lane bridge by road users.”

NZTA is also assessing other potential safety enhancements to the bridge over this time.

Feedback can be emailed to Senior Safety Engineer Ben Grapes at ben.grapes@nzta.govt.nz.