The Safe System in practice and on screen


The safe system approach, which is the cornerstone of the Government’s Safer Journeys strategy, is a proven way to save lives and reduce serious injuries.

The Safe System in practice and on screen

Originally developed in Sweden, it has been applied in New Zealand since 2010 and is helping to drive down the rate of death and injury on our roads.

It recognises that people make mistakes and are vulnerable in a crash. On our roads mistakes are inevitable - deaths and serious injuries from road crashes are not.

But there is still much more to do. Every year far too many families are torn apart by serious road trauma.

To help spread the safe system message, the Transport Agency and Safer Journeys partners  put together a 20-minute film called ‘The Difference between Life and Death(external link)’, which captures the key messages around the safe system approach. 

“The film is designed to get people to think differently about road safety and to realise that they have a part of play. We’re wanting to create advocates for the safe system, because greater understanding of and demand for road safety will lead to the next step change in NZ. After all, the safe system is the difference between life and death,” says Lisa Rossiter, Chief Safety Advisor for the Transport Agency.

This video captures some simple messages around road safety while using some footage from our recent television campaign. Learn more about the safe system approach by watching the video, and then share it with your colleagues, friends and family. Together we can all make a difference for road safety.

For more about Safer Journeys visit the website(external link), where you can access the trailer and links via the Resources(external link) page.