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Traffic restrictions as Lookout Point highway works ramps up


The ability for drivers to make turns or cross the State Highway 1 at Lookout Point will be more restricted, as the Transport Agency progresses the Caversham Valley Safety Improvements project in this area.

Project Manager Simon Underwood says work on the new embankments and bridge that will carry Riselaw Rd over the highway, to Mornington Rd, is ramping up.  At the same time, a considerable amount of work to construct and re-shape the highway carriageway is needed, so traffic can drive between the existing and finished road-ways.

“In the lead into summer, people can expect to see the northern bridge embankment (between the new bridge and Mornington Rd) take shape; as foundation works are complete.  For the southern embankments, considerable pre-excavation is needed before it to can to be built up. Piling works for the bridge itself will also be progressed.”

The new bridge will be 6.5m above the highway at its lowest point, so trucks carrying over-dimension loads such as houses and heavy machinery can comfortably pass beneath it.

Mr Underwood says the contractor requires more work-site space to efficiently and safely build the new Riselaw Rd Bridge and to create this, it’s necessary to restrict some intersection turning movements. Some restrictions are in effect already, and more are now planned.

These are:

  • At Short St:
    • access to the highway is permanently closed
  • At South Rd (the new link road):
    • there is only the ability to turn left onto the highway. 
    • the current restriction on turning left into South Rd will go once construction of this new link road is complete. 
    • access to and from the city-bound carriageway (i.e. right turns) is no longer available, and this restriction will remain until the bridge works are complete.
  • Concord off-ramp:
    • This will be closed between 29 September and 12 October, to enable the Dunedin City Council to carry out road strengthening and resurfacing works.
  • At Riselaw Rd:
    • the right turn into Riselaw Rd will be closed this month.
    • left turns onto or from the highway remain available.
    • the right turn from Riselaw Rd is already closed.
    • This means access to and from the city bound carriageway would no longer be available, and this restriction would remain until the bridge works are finished.   

At Mornington Rd, there is no change in terms of ability of motorists to turn to or from the highway.  However restrictions at Riselaw Rd and South Rd, will mean it is no longer possible to travel from Mornington Rd to either Riselaw Rd or South Rd, and this will remain until the bridge works are complete. 

Mr Underwood says motorists using Short St, South Rd and Riselaw Rd are encouraged to see the turns they can and cannot make by checking a map showing these changes here(external link) This website also has the plans  and illustrations of the finished layout at Lookout Point.
As work on this project progresses, further changes are likely and these will be detailed closer to the time.

Mr Underwood said the Transport Agency appreciates these temporary turning restrictions will be inconvenient for some road users and thank them for their patience, as construction of the new bridge is progressed.   Motorist can look forward however, to a much simpler, accessible, and safer intersection layout once these works are completed – which is expected late May next year.

See the attached map for details of the temporary vehicle turning restrictions on Caversham Valley Rd over Lookout Point. 

For more information please contact:

Bob Nettleton
Regional Communications Advisor
T    DDI 03 951 3005   
M   021 954 928