Transport Agency acting to address findings of independent driver licensing review


The NZ Transport Agency is implementing a number of changes to New Zealand’s driver licensing system which address the findings of an independent review recently carried out by KPMG consultants.

The review was commissioned by the Transport Agency in April in response to alleged fraud at a driver licensing site in Auckland. The issue of fraud is currently under investigation by New Zealand Police.

The Transport Agency’s Access and Use Group Manager, Celia Patrick, says the independent review has identified a range of gaps in controls within the driver licensing system which the Transport Agency is taking urgent action to address

“We view the findings of this review very seriously and we are actively working on addressing the recommendations in the report.

“When the Transport Agency commissioned this review we had already started a programme of work to strengthen controls in the driver licensing system. The KPMG review supports that work and makes recommendations for further improvements.

“Immediate action has been taken to remove the individuals at the centre of the alleged fraud being investigated by Police from the system to minimise the likelihood of further suspect licences being issued. Extra controls have been introduced to the system, with more to come, in areas such as overseas licence conversions.

“The Transport Agency continues to support the Police investigation, which is complex and ongoing, and we have begun taking action against licence holders where there is evidence that licences have been wrongfully obtained.

“The integrity of the driver licensing system is vital, and the Transport Agency’s response to this review is comprehensive. We are committed to making the changes necessary to ensure that everyone who holds a New Zealand driver licences has earned it by demonstrating the ability to drive safely.”

Changes being implemented by the Transport Agency include:

  • enhanced monitoring of all driver licensing transactions at a national level to identify trends and potential anomalies
  • increased oversight of testing officers, including increased onsite supervision, monitoring and auditing
  • improved management of contracts eg improved monitoring of the performance of service providers
  • improved audit and risk assessment of course providers 
  • enhanced quality control requirements on service providers
  • increased scrutiny of identity and licensing documents 
  • additional training for staff
  • changes to overseas conversion processes, including:
    • limiting the number of sites that can process overseas driver licence conversions
    • the Transport Agency will release each individual overseas driver licence application following scrutiny of documents.  

Read the KPMG report here [PDF, 4.1 MB]

Wrongfully issued licences dealt with

The following table summarises the action taken in respect of licence holders who may have wrongfully gained driver licences at a licensing site in Auckland between May 2014 and March 2016.

Total licences scanned (approximate total) 10,500
Licences investigated and invalidated (partially or fully) 253
Licences investigated and holder required to be retested 96
Licences revoked following failure to pass retest 38
Licences still being investigated 0