Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari, Saturday 10 September – drivers please slow down and take care around these fundraisers


The bi-annual Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari* is being run next Saturday 10 September, involving up to 250 scooter riders on State Highway 73 between Canterbury and the West Coast, via Arthurs Pass.

They will be travelling with lead and tail pilot vehicles for their safety, but rely upon motorists to take care also given their slower speed.

The group will leave Mike Pero Motorsport Park (formerly Ruapuna Speedway) after 9 am Saturday, arriving at the Beachfront Hotel, Hokitika, around 4.30 pm, with several stops along the way.

NZ Transport Agency Journey Manager Tresca Forrester asked all drivers to build in extra time if they are driving between the West Coast and Canterbury on Saturday, 10 September. 'We want these riders to get to the Coast safely so we need drivers to take plenty of care around them and their support crews and take their time.'

*The Scooter Safari is a charity event with scooter riders travelling Coast to Coast, 250kms, up and over the Southern Alps from Christchurch to Hokitika to raise funds for the New Zealand Cancer Society. Most riders take their scooters back to Christchurch on Sunday on trailers. As of 1 September, close to $100,000 has been raised already. Please go to the web page for details link)