Truck restrictions lifted on Auckland Harbour Bridge


The NZ Transport Agency says heavy vehicles will again be allowed to use the extreme left hand lanes on the north and south bound box girders on the Auckland Harbour Bridge from Saturday morning, 4 December.

The restrictions are being lifted as the NZTA's two-and-a half year-long programme of works to strengthen both box girders draws to a close.  The restrictions were put in place to reduce vibration, and to help keep the bridge stable during precision welding of steel inside the box girders.

Co-operation from the freight industry contributed to the successful upgrade, says the NZTA's State Highways Manager for Auckland, Tommy Parker.

"We acknowledge the excellent work of the freight and haulage industries in staying off the lanes while the work was in progress," Mr Parkers says. "It enabled us to complete the work at night with very little disruption to all drivers who rely on the bridge."

Mr Parker reminds other drivers of the need to be alert with the lifting of the restrictions.

"Everyone will need to drive with care and patience as we all get used to safely sharing the two outside lanes with heavy trucks again," he says.  "The bridge is a busy, fast moving environment used by 165,000 vehicles a day, and sometimes a lot more that"

Mr Parker says the strengthening work is the latest programme in ongoing maintenance by the NZTA to ensure that the Auckland Harbour Bridge safely accommodates growing traffic volumes. Upcoming projects include the annual reseal, which takes place at Christmas when traffic volumes are lighter, and a new freight management strategy.