Upper Buller Gorge, SH6, slips, closures due to heavy rain over weekend/ Sunday 8 July


A slip in the Upper Buller Gorge, State Highway 6, closed the highway in the early hours of Monday, 9 July. Damage has occurred to a car that encountered the slip before Transport Agency contractors had reached the site around 1 am and established the closure. The sole occupant, the driver, was unharmed.

“The slip is between Lyell and the Iron Bridge,” says Margarita Gonzalez-Borrero, NZ Transport Agency Maintenance Contract Manager.”

“This slip and some others on SH6 will be assessed by geotechnical advisors today and crews are working hard to clear a lane of the highway in the meantime in a number of places.”

The size of the slip is estimated at 800 cubic metres of material. Flood waters from the river yesterday have also caused some damage to the highway seal along this road and left debris along the highway.

“There are another two slips of considerable size at SH6 Coast Road (between Greymouth and Westport) and at Berlins (lower Buller Gorge) – each more than 500 cubic metres each.”

http://www.journeys.nzta.govt.nz/traffic/regions/12(external link)

Road closure

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