Wet weather means wet weather driving


With wet weather forecast to stick around after a long dry spell, the NZ Transport Agency is urging motorists in the Wellington region to adjust their driving to stay safe in the slippery conditions.

“After such a long period of dry weather and dry road conditions, old habits can be hard to change, and it’s crucial that people are prepared for more slippery road conditions,” says NZTA Central Operations manager Mark Owen.

“Wet weather means wet weather driving – that means we need to drive differently to stay safe.”

“Wet roads mean a greater chance of losing control, and a greater chance of being in a crash. It’s important that drivers watch their speeds, take care not to follow too closely, and be really careful when taking corners.”

“One of the most common causes of a wet weather crash is driving too fast.  Reducing speed 10kph below the legal limit and keeping your distance will greatly reduce the risk of a crash – vehicles need 2-3 times more stopping distance on wet roads,” Mr Owen says.

With winter approaching, people should get in the habit of planning their journeys in advance based on weather and road conditions.

“As well as being extra-cautious when you’re on the road, it’s also a good idea to prepare for your journey by leaving a few extra minutes up your sleeve and taking a few moments to check road conditions before you head out.”

Mr Owen says people should also check their vehicles and tyres to ensure they are in safe condition for the more challenging driving conditions.

He says people can check real time traffic cameras and highway conditions and sign up for free alerts at the NZTA’s new On The Move travel information service, www.onthemove.govt.nz(external link)