Wet weather returns to the top of the South Island continues – take care on the roads


Tasman and Nelson drivers will need their headlights and window wipers on, with wet weather driving conditions about to hit the region.

The Metservice has a heavy rain warning for Tasman, west of Motueka, and a heavy rain watch for the Richmond and Bryant Ranges and the Rai Valley. The warnings run from the early hours of Friday morning through to Friday afternoon.

While the top of the south has had some time to recover from bad weather earlier this month, and the improved infrastructure built on State Highway 6 between Hira and the Rai Valley last year has performed well, drivers should not be complacent. Heavy rain means there is a risk of slips, rockfalls, and localised flooding across the state highway network.

Commuters heading to work tomorrow morning will also need to take extra care as rain, wet roads, and peak traffic increase the chance of rush-hour crashes.

Drivers must be ready for the bad weather. This means using your headlights when visibility is poor, watching your speed and following distances, watching for hazards, and driving to the conditions.

It is also important to check road and weather conditions before you travel, as roads can be closed at short notice.

State highway conditions – Tasman/Nelson/Marlborough(external link)

Metservice weather warnings(external link)