If you think you’ve received something suspicious

  • Don’t click on any buttons or links in the email. Hover over them with your mouse to view the website address they’ll take you to.
  • Don’t give out your personal details, driver licence details or payment details.
  • Don’t reply to the email.
  • Send or tell us about the email by completing the report a phishing scam form, then move the email to your junk folder in case we or the police need it later.
  • Check that your device is protected by anti-virus and anti-spyware.

Report a phishing scam form

You can also complete the form to report any other kind of suspicious communication.

If we confirm we think the communication is a scam, you can also report it to your local police, CERT NZ or Netsafe.

New Zealand Police’s information on scams(external link)

CERT NZ’s information on scams(external link)

Netsafe’s information on scams(external link)

Alternatives to clicking on buttons or links

If you've hovered over buttons or links in an email, and you're unsure whether you can trust them, don't click on them. Instead, you could try:

  • going to our genuine website (www.nzta.govt.nz) and searching for the information or transaction you need
  • bookmarking our web pages or transactions you use often, so you don't need to click through to them from an email.