Beware of scammers offering driver licences online or through social media.

They may be using our branding to try to look convincing.

Here’s how you can tell it’s not genuine:

  • You must go to a Waka Kotahi driver licensing agent in person to apply for a driver licence. You can’t do it online.
  • Approved driver licensing agents are the Automobile Association (AA) and Vehicle Testing New Zealand (VTNZ). You should only be applying for a driver licence through those organisations.
  • The only exception to these rules is that you might be able to apply for a replacement driver licence card online, if you already had one and it’s lost or stolen. The genuine transaction is through the Waka Kotahi website. You have to log in with a RealMe verified identity.

Don’t give your personal or payment details to anyone appearing to offer driver licences online.

Please report any suspicious social media activity through the social media platform. 

What to do if you’ve given your details to scam

How to get a genuine driver licence