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Our 2018/19 Research Programme

The Transport Agency’s research programme is aligned with the sector’s outcomes framework, with the programme based around:

  • Inclusive access
  • Healthy and safe people
  • Resilience and security
  • Economic prosperity
  • Environmental sustainability.

Working within these areas of focus, the research programme strives to keep up with the pace of change affecting the transport sector through agile research and evaluation approaches.

Our research team leads and supports the delivery of the research programme in close collaboration with stakeholders.

The programme is seeking to take a broader research leadership role in terms of developing working relationships with the academic and innovation communities as well as other research funders.

How can I find research reports?

On our website

You can find a list of all our research reports on our website. PDFs of all research reports are available on our website for downloading.

Note: If you are using the Google Chrome browser to view report PDFs you may find some text looks scrambled.  To ensure PDFs show correctly we recommend you open the PDFs in non-Chrome web browsers or Adobe Acrobat, or download the PDF.

View all research reports

Spreadsheet of research reports

You can download a spreadsheet (updated quarterly) which lists all research programme reports. It includes a list of key words and the abstract associated with each report and a link to the pages on our website where the reports can be downloaded, or you can request PDF scans from

Download spreadsheet of research reports [XLSX, 453 KB]

Active research

The Transport Agency publishes a list of active research projects.

View the list of active research projects

Quarterly NZTA Research newsletter

Research reports are profiled in our quarterly NZTA Research newsletter.

View all issues of the NZTA Research

Email notifications

We can let you know by email when research reports have been published to the website.

Sign up to get updates(external link)

Research programme requirements

To ensure that the research programme does not serve the operational needs of any single entity, the Transport Agency requires that research:

Strategic and operational context for the research programme

The research programme will address critical knowledge gaps across the following time-horizons within the framework of the Transport Sector Outcomes:

Long- to medium-term strategic context
Research addressing enduring outcomes for New Zealand – guide longest term public investment

Medium- to short-term strategic context
Research addressing strategic frameworks and targets established across the public sector

Short-term operational context
Research addressing operational strategies and matters across the public sector, as they pertain to transport

New Zealand Transport Research Strategy 2016–2020

The New Zealand Transport Research Strategy(external link) provides a framework for fostering a better research environment that emphasises collaboration, maximises the economic and social benefits of the transport system and minimises harm. It gives clear guidance on the direction for transport research and outlines how the diverse research community can collaborate into the future. It includes four critical and inter-related enablers:

  • Investing in the right research which includes the Triple-4 Framework for knowledge development and prioritisation
  • Facilitating collaboration
  • Ensuring visibility
  • Accessing and investing in the right capability.

The Transport Research Strategy has been developed alongside the New Zealand Transport Domain Plan(external link). They are complementary documents and, together, provide the strategic direction we need to fill key data, information and knowledge gaps.

Transport Knowledge Hub

The Transport Knowledge Hub(external link) encourages collaboration and raises awareness of future work and opportunities. The Transport Agency’s research programme is closely linked to the knowledge hub via connected areas of focus and information sharing.  The knowledge hub includes a number of topic hubs:

  • Data economics
  • Environment
  • Forecasting
  • Household travel
  • Safety technology
  • Aviation.

These topic hubs provide members with an opportunity to share transport data, evidence, knowledge, research, capabilities and ideas.