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Central city as accessible

The 30-year programme involves five phases, and during the next three years, phase 2 will deliver transport improvements on Victoria, High and Hereford streets, making these more attractive places for driving, public transport, walking or cycling.

The programme is part of the An Accessible City transport improvements planned after the 2010 Canterbury earthquake to support people and businesses to move back into the city centre.

The earthquake provided opportunities to better manage traffic in the city centre to ease congestion, encourage fewer single occupancy vehicle trips, and to make the use of buses and walking and cycling, safer and easier for people. Other programmes, such as the development of the major cycleway network and review of the public transport network, will be critical to connecting the central city with the greater Christchurch area.

Delivering An Accessible City involves the people of Christchurch, local government and central government, including the Transport Agency. The community had significant input through the Share An Idea campaign that attracted more than 100,000 responses in 2011. People wanted less traffic in the central city, greener and more people friendly spaces, and slow streets with reduced speed limits.

Phase one of the transport programme included a cost-share agreement between the council, the Crown and the Transport Agency. Investments in phase two, and future phases, will be through the NLTP helping to create more attractive and liveable central city.