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Let's get Wellington moving

Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) is a joint initiative between Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council, and the Transport Agency. Our focus is the area from Ngauranga Gorge to the airport, including the Wellington Urban Motorway and connections to the central city, hospital, and the eastern and southern suburbs.

Wellington’s transport problems are starting to impact on the liveability of the city and region, and its economic growth and productivity. These include:

  • growing traffic congestion and unreliable journey times
  • poor and declining levels of service
  • safety issues, especially for walking and cycling
  • vulnerability to disruption from unplanned events.

Following input from 10,000 Wellingtonians, LGWM developed a set of urban design and transport principles to guide our work and inform our programme objectives, which include:

  • enhancing the liveability of the central city
  • providing more efficient and reliable access for all users
  • reducing reliance on private vehicle travel
  • improving safety for all users
  • ensuring the transport system can adapt to disruptions and uncertainty.

LGWM’s aim is to build on Wellington’s unique character to deliver a great harbour city and region, accessible to all, with attractive places, shared streets, and efficient local and regional journeys.

To achieve this, LGWM is using a whole-of-system approach which integrates compact, attractive, and sustainable development with a transport system that moves more people with fewer vehicles.

Using extensive data collection and modelling, and feedback from public and stakeholder engagement, LGWM is developing a recommended programme of investment.

This is a high-level plan that lays out LGWM’s preferred approach to transport investment over the next decade or more. It describes small improvements that can be delivered in the short-term and large-scale infrastructure changes that will take a number of years to design and implement.

The recommended programme will include a range of multi-modal improvements that work together:

  • High-quality walking and cycling.
  • Better public transport.
  • A smarter transport network.
  • Selected road improvements.
  • Urban development changes.

The recommended programme will be refined as detailed investigation, design, engagement and consenting work is done in the next stages.