NLTP 2021–24 $1.25 billion target investment

A total of $1.25 billion will be invested through this National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) on local roads improvements throughout New Zealand to ensure we continue to have an accessible and safe transport system that keeps communities connected, helps move freight while working harder to reduce the environmental impact.

For this NLTP, there is a significant amount of committed funding with the carry-over of existing approved activities. There was also a significant number of new bids received that were well aligned to Government Policy Statement on land transport (GPS) outcomes.

The Local Road Improvements activity class focuses investment on activities to improve levels of service on the network including upgrading and resurfacing existing roads, upgrading intersections, improving or replacing bridges and HPMV strengthening at key locations.

One of our priorities is to ensure that key roads connecting new state highways are upgraded, such as the roads connecting to the Waikato Expressway which will be completed during this NLTP and will link to Hamilton’s northern urban growth areas.

Resilience improvements on local roads will include targeted infrastructure improvements to mitigate against the impacts of climate change and installing prevention measures against slips and rock-fall, including the $4.8 million investment on a new 1.2km stretch of Gladstone Road east of Levin.