NLTP 2021–24 $2.3 billion target investment

The public transport infrastructure activity class covers infrastructure improvements and operations. It brings into one activity class, activities that during the 2018–2021 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) were funded under the Transitional Rail activity class and the rapid transit activity class.

It also includes metro rail activities that are part of the Rail Network Investment Programme (RNIP). As the activity class includes infrastructure operations it also has a continuous programme component.

The following activities are committed for funding:

  • $151.3 million for upgrading signals on the Auckland metro network, a new Auckland train control centre and an additional power supply into the network, to support increased train frequency with opening of the new City Rail Link. A business case to investigate further network improvements across Wellington, including looking at potentially extending electrification north of Waikanae to Levin and beyond.
  • $505 million for transitional rail projects that continue during the 2021–24 NLTP.
  • $205 million to support the public transport infrastructure continuous programmes.
  • $66 million for the Establishment Unit and development of an indicative business case for City Centre to Māngere.
  • $66 million for the Northern Corridor Improvements, Rosedale Station and associated local road improvements.
  • $42 million to 20Connect and Airport to Botany.
  • $10 million for the National Ticketing Programme (Project NEXT) detailed business case.
  • $9 million for the North West Rapid Transit Improvements detailed business case.

We also expect to invest in the following new activities in this NLTP to enable mode shift, greenhouse emissions reduction and delivery to government commitments:

  • $281 million for the AMETI Eastern Busway stage two, which incorporates the Pakuranga bus station and is linked to other components such as the Reeves Road flyover.
  • $409 million for City Rail Link activities that enable ‘day 1’ operation of the new rail link. These include additional rail rolling stock, level crossing upgrades and Wellesley Street bus improvements. Investment in these activities will enable increased train frequencies, provide additional capacity to respond to patronage growth and integrate bus services with the rail link.
  • $286 million for Let’s Get Wellington Moving – Early Delivery and City Streets.
  • $111 million for Connected Communities to reallocate road space on key Auckland arterials for public transport and active modes.
  • $238 million for implementation of the National Ticketing Solution.
  • $39 million for the subsequent phases of City Centre to Māngere rapid transit.
  • $17 million for North West Bus Improvements.
  • $35 million for ferry vessel purchase and associated infrastructure in Auckland.
  • $55 million for activities that improve and support future growth of the metro rail network in the greater Wellington area.
  • Over $55 million planning phases and implementation of public transport infrastructure improvements in the high growth centres of Tauranga, Hamilton, Christchurch and Queenstown.